Kenni is endorsed by the AFL-CIO Mat-Su coalition of labor unions.

Term Limits

Currently, Palmer City Council members are not bound by term limits. This leads to decades of lackluster community engagement, voter apathy, and a “this is how we’ve always done it” mentality.

I firmly believe that city council member term limits will encourage new and fruitful discussion within the city. Palmer is full of some of the best and brightest. We should encourage those passionate community members to lend their expertise and serve the City of Palmer. Too often new candidates feel defeated before ever choosing to run.  We need fresh eyes and new perspectives.

Public service is just that—service. Term limits will encourage community-wide engagement, better voter buy-in, and innovative city growth.

Increasing Community Engagement

Historically, the City of Palmer has a dismal voter turnout. In 2014, turnout reached as low as 13.4%. 

There are many simple ways to increase community engagement; term limits is one such way. Better communication between the City and residents is another. The easier we make information and public input accessible, the more likely those that aren’t already plugged into city government will be able to participate in important decision making. Palmer isn’t just a bedroom community. For young working families, it’s sometimes difficult to engage with local politics and events. We should meet the needs of our residents and better use technology to communicate with all community members.

Walkable, Bikeable, and Green Spaces

My family and I love being outside. Many days you can find us walking or biking from our home all around Palmer. We use the bike lanes, bike paths, public tennis courts, sport fields, and trails. I care deeply about providing safe and accessible outdoor public spaces.

As Palmer grows and develops, we must develop plans that include our pedestrians and cyclists. People move to Palmer and fall in love with our city, because not only are we a welcoming generous community, we also provide easy access to a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Programs like Active Soles’ weekly Happy Run and Grow Palmer, not only add vibrancy to our city, they encourage residents to get outside and enjoy our public green spaces. I will advocate for additional bike paths, active community events, and development that enhances our quality of life.


Palmer is a beautiful city and we have an obligation to preserve that natural beauty for our children and grandchildren. This means thinking longterm as we move ahead sustainably. By collaborating with organizations like VCRS, the City of Palmer can work towards becoming a Zero Waste community. This means reducing, recycling, and reusing as much as possible. I will advocate for reducing the waste of city operations and provide simple recycling solutions for city residents.